Making product research a part of the 21st century

We believe that product research in Consumer Packaged Goods is still stuck in the 20th century. Methods have slowly adapted and consumer research is far behind where it needs to be. We are committed to fixing that.

Three Focuses of Our Team

Analytics tools are overly complex. We simplify the process to make it easy, intuitive, and enjoyable.
Simporter skips the bells and whistles to provide you with just what you need - and nothing more.
Our tools are designed to scale across global companies with automation at the heart.

Our Values

Team Work

Our team is committed to helping each other out whenever possible. When one of us wins, we all win. At Simporter, we focus on building a friendly, motivated work environment everyday.


We strive to put as much effort as we can into our work. By putting in 110% into our everyday work, we are able to build a world class product.


Happiness comes from working together on a major initiative that impacts Fortune 500s across the world.

Our Team

Dillon Hall
Tim Hall
Diana Tsygankova
VP Marketing & Insights
Igor Andreev
Max Bohomolov
Head of Product
Alexandra Mischenko
NLP Team Lead
Alex Yaroshenko
Frontend Team Lead
Borys Oleynik
ETL Team Lead
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